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Daemon preview

4 Sound Bugs as seen from the Mainframe View. From left to right:

No daemon,

A daemon that has not been revealed,

A device affected by Mask (it is unknown if there is a daemon protecting the device),

A revealed daemon (in this case, Labyrinth).

Daemon Install Warning

Warning recived when a daemon is installed.

Daemons are special security systems used by the Corporations to further enhance the protection of their Mainframe Devices.

Daemons can have a veriaty of effects when installed, such as disabling Incognita for a limited time, reducing the AP of Agents, recapturing mainframe devices, or creating more Daemons. They spawn randomly, and can occupy any mainframe devices that exist in the map, but the quantity of them depends on the security level of the mission.

Only 1 daemon can occupy a particular mainframe device. If there are no free mainframe devices, new daemons cannot spawn.

Daemons are initially hidden (meaning you won't know what kind of debuff the Daemon will bring from the first glance), but they can be revealed with the following methods:

These are Incognita programs that may affect Daemons:

  • Hunter, which kills a single Daemon (this will also kill Plastech Modded MK1 guards that were knocked out).
  • Daemon Sniffer, which reveals hidden Daemons.
  • Taurus, which moves a single Daemon to another mainframe device (if there are any unoccupied devices).

The Contingency Plan = Contingency Plan DLC.

Icon Name Effect Turns Description
Authority small res
Authority Safes are alarmed. 4-5 Safes are secured and will trigger a nearby guard to investigate when opened. Will also advance alarm by 1.
Daemon Blowfish
Blowfish Advances Alarm Tracker. - Advances Alarm Tracker by 1, 2, or 3 turns.
Castle Daemon
Castle The Contingency Plan Boosts firewalls. - Adds 3 firewalls to a random uncaptured device.
  • Any undiscovered device reinforced by Castle will be revealed on map.
Chiton Daemon
Chiton The Contingency Plan Boosts guard armour. 3-4
  • All guards gain +1 armour.
Daemons echo new-0
Echo The Contingency Plan Reboots a captured device - 1-3 devices are recaptured by the corporation.
  • Recaptured devices are given 1 firewall.
Daemons Countermeasures
Countermeasures Agent locations discovered. 3

Spawns a guard. One guard is sent to investigate the location of an agent each turn.

This can only be activated at Alarm Level 3 on Day 5 or further, and during the final mission.

Felix Temporarily triples the firewalls on safes. 4-5 Triples firewalls on safes but also gives them 10% more money. Firewalls will revert after daemon duration ends.
Daemons Failsafe
Failsafe Reboots 2 objects each turn. 3

Reboots 2 objects each turn.

This can only be activated during the final mission.

Daemon Fractal
Fractal Spawns additional Daemons. - Creates two new DAEMON programs on random objects.
Daemons Jolt new-0
Jolt The Contingency Plan Guards recover KO damage - Guards recover 1 KO damage.
  • After day 3, an unreversable instance of jolt will spawn at Alarm Level 4.
Daemon Labyrinth
Labyrinth Reduces Agents AP. 3-5 Reduces all agent AP by 2.

Note: Agents released from a detention cell after Labyrinth has been activated will not be affected by it.

Mask Daemons are hidden while Mask is active. 3-5 Daemons are hidden.
Daemons Modulate 2.0
Modulate Inceases PWR cost. 3-5 Programs cost +2 PWR to use.
Daemon Paradox
Paradox Disables hacking ability 2-3

Temporarily stops INCOGNITA from hacking.

Portcullis daemon
Portcullis The Contingency Plan Weakens firewall breakers. 3-5

-2 firewalls broken per program use. Minimum of 1.

Daemon Rubiks
Rubiks Raises Firewalls. - Raises Firewalls by 1 on all uncaptured devices.
Daemon Siphon small
Siphon Drains PWR. - Drains 2-5 PWR.
Daemon Validate
Validate Spawns Guard. - Brings an additional guard onto the level.
Watchdog Daemon
Watchdog The Contingency Plan Boosts KO resistance. 3-5 All guards get +1 KO resistance. Resists against KO damage to a minimum of 1.

After day 3, an unreversable instance of Watchdog will be spawned at Alarm Level 4 with unlimited duration.


Algorithm Install Notice

Notice received when an algorithm is installed.

Whenever a daemon is installed, there is a 10% chance that a daemon reversal will occur, replacing the daemon with a random algorithm.

  • If Brimstone is in Incognita's program list, the daemon reversal chance is increased by 10%.
  • If Ritual Nintendo Switch is in Incognita program list, the daemon reversal chance is increased by 5%.

Central will make a comment any time a daemon is reversed, remarking the fortunate turn of events or sarcastically remarking on the quality of corporate daemon engineering.

Aces is not spawned by daemon reversal, and is instead spawned via the Aces program.

The Contingency Plan = Contingency Plan DLC.

Icon Name Turns Effect Description
Aces The Contingency Plan 1 Tagged guards' armour lowered by algorithm. Armour Debuff.
  • Tagged guards have -1 ARMOUR.
Daemons Attune Algorithm
Attune 2-3 Program PWR cost decreased by algorithm. Decrease program cost.
  • Decrease all program PWR cost by 1.
Daemons Fortune Algorithm
Fortune - 200 credits earned by algorithm. Gain Credits.
  • Gain 200 Credits.
Daemons Order Algorithm
Order 2-3 Agent's AP increased by algorithm. Increases agents' AP.
  • Increases all agents' AP by 3.

v2.0 Daemons

v2.0 daemons (aka Archdaemons) are stronger versions of some of the above daemons. Exactly one such daemon will randomly be installed at the start of every mission from Day 5 onward in Endless Mode, before the agency's turn begins.

These daemons cannot be reversed.

Icon Name Effect Description
Daemon Blowfish
Blowfish v2.0 Alarm Level increase. Increases alarm by 10, effectively instantly bringing you to Alarm Level 2.
Castle Daemon
Castle v2.0 The Contingency Plan Boosts firewalls. Adds 3 firewalls to 10 random devices.
  • Unlike Castle 1.0, any devices reinforced by Castle 2.0 will NOT be revealed on the map.
Daemon Fractal
Fractal v2.0 More daemons. Creates daemons on all objects.
Daemons Modulate 2.0
Modulate v2.0 Increases PWR Cost. Programs cost +2 power to use. Duration: 20.
Portcullis daemon
Portcullis v2.0 The Contingency Plan Weakens firewall breakers. -2 firewalls broken per program use. Minimum of 1.
Daemons Pulse 2.0
Pulse v2.0 Increases Item CD. +3 to all item cooldowns. Duration: 20


  • Daemon is the latin word for the aincent Greek "Daimon", a form of minor diety, guiding spirit, or force of nature found in classical mythology.
  • In computing, a Daemon is a term for background computer processes that are not under the direct control of the user.
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