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Missions Edit

Chief Financial Suite

Mission Financial Passcode
Parameters: A highly-placed financial officer has an office in this facility. With his access codes, we can manipulate the market to our advantage.
Objectives: Find the business man and sedate him. Do not kill him. A brainscan will be performed to extract the code. This process will take 6 turns. The extracted code can either be used to open a Corporate Vault or gain access to a secured Cybernetics Lab.

Corporate VaultEdit

Mission Credit Reserves
Parameters: This facility warehouses credit hashes. We could siphon off a portion without triggering a hash recall.
Objectives: Find the Corporate Vault and loot it's contents for extra cash. Some Vaults also contain Valuable Artifacts, each which are firewall protected in its own showcase, which will later be sold for profit. The main Vault can only be accessed with a previously obtained code from the "Chief Financial Suite" mission. To access the Deposit Boxes in- or outside the main Vault; a Vault Terminal must first be hacked to unlock them. Dr. Xu has the ability to unlock the Deposit Boxes for one turn. However, after Dr. Xu has used his ability the boxes cannot be hacked, unlocked or accessed by another Agent again.

Cybernetics LabEdit

Mission Augments
Parameters: This is a research and development lab for cybernetic augments. The augments in storage there will not yet haven been genecoded to specific users.
Objectives: Find the Cybernetics Lab to either Augment yourself with an Augment that is currently pre-programmed on the Augment Grafter or to add an Augment expansion slot to install additional Augments at a later time. Installing an Augment will be instant, with no additional cost or penalty. Adding an expansion slot will knock the Agent out for 2 turns. Some Cybernetic Labs have a Lab Vault which contain two extra Augment Grafters, or an Augment Drill which can remove one existing augment. The Vault can only be accessed with a previously obtained code from the "Chief Financial Suite" mission.

Detention CenterEdit

Mission Corporate Prisoners
Parameters: Detention centers hold high-value human assets for interrogation and deprogramming. There may be intercepted Invisible agents on-site.
Objectives: Find the Detention room and escort the prisoner to the elevator. The holding cells can be unlocked by hacking the Detention Processor. The prisoner has one empty inventory slot and can be given a weapon to defend himself. Rescued Agents will have all inventory slots available, but do not come with their personal gadgets and/or weapons, with the exception of their inherent unique Augment. When attempting this mission with 4 Agents; one Agent must be left behind in order for the prisoner to escape. The elevator WILL return after 2 turns to extract the left-behind Agent. Do NOT leave the prisoner (Agent or regular) as the last character in the mission or the mission will fail.

Executive TerminalsEdit

Mission Current Site Plans
Parameters: Executive terminals have elevated security credentials. Compromise one, and we will be able to pinpoint other facilities of interest.
Objectives: Find the Executive room and hack the Executive Access Terminal to obtain the Site Plans. Exiting the mission with the Site Plans will cause additional missions to appear on the world map.

Nanofab VestibuleEdit

Mission Contrband Templates
Parameters: Most Nanofabs have advanced security protocols to prevent unlicensed fabrications. The fabricator at this location has been compromised, so we will be able to construct a wider range of items.
Objectives: Find the Nanofab Vestibule Lab and hack the Nanofab. This Nanofab will have twice the amount Augments, Weapons and Gadgets then a regular Nanofab (which can be found in any mission type). The Augments, Weapons and/or Gadgets still cost money to obtain.

Secure Holding Facility (find the Mole)Edit

Mision Hostage Situation
Parameters: This is a secure site for the highest-value detainees. Proceed with caution.
Objectives: This mission is also known as the "Mole" mission. Find the secured Holding Room. The secured holding room is secured by a door. So a Pass Card must first be obtained to unlock it. Banks' Crypto Computer (ability) can also unlock this door. The Holding Room is empty and the Mole has most likely been killed. Your second objective will be to find the Captain, who is located in the adjacent room, subdue him and start a brainscan to extract interrogation information. The process will take 6 turns.

Security DispatchEdit

Mission Advanced Gear
Parameters: This is a regional security office, so expect hardened resistance. High-level security operatives may have specialized gear that we can re-purpose.
Objectives: Find the secured holding room and hack the Safe to obtain a high-level Gadget. The secured holding room is secured by a door. So a Pass Card must first be obtained to unlock it. Banks' Crypto Computer (ability) can also unlock this door. Sometimes you will find the Courier in the interrogation room (which is the room hooked up near the secure holding room) and you can choose to rescue him for more as an optional objective.

Server FarmEdit

Mission Mainframe Software c
Parameters: Server farms are used to develop new network security technologies. We may find code that we can use to improve our infiltration routines.
Objectives: Find the Server Room and hack the Server Access Terminal to gain access to the Grand Bazaar. Here you can buy additional Programs that can be accessed and used by the Incognita AI to aid you in future harder mission.


Parameters: A fixed step-by-step tutorial mission that teaches you the basic mechanics of the game.
Objectives: Follow the step-by-step instruction. This mission has a fixed perspective, so that the player camera cannot be turned. All abilities, Actions and Gadgets are disabled until Central activates them. Deviating from Central instructions will eventually brick the mission and automatically resets to the start of your turn, until you do what your told.

Side MissionsEdit

The Contingency Plan DLC adds side missions that can randomly appear in all missions other than the tutorial and final mission.

Side Mission Description
Data banks The corporation you infiltrated left 3 data banks in this regional office. Stealing and deleting information about your agents may be useful down the line... It unlocks a Data Log about an agent, as well as generating data you could sell for $500.
Selling power You have the option to sell excess power (15 power for $500). This requires you to hack two nodes and activate them in the same turn, hack the station in the unlocked room and use the station with an agent.
Program Compile
Broken Drone
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