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Update Status:
  • 23-01-2015, added table and disclamer

Due to the Early Access status of the game this page is currently a work in progress. The content below is NOT fully implemented into the publicly released version and is subject to change.

There are currently several possibilities:

  • This will most likely be a new addition to the Sandbox Mode. You will either get to choose which buffs the Enemies will get or the buffs will randomly be applied each level.
  • Another possibility is that the longer you play in Sandbox Mode, the more buffs Enemies will get to counter the Agents, since they apparently are working on a Research system.
  • A new Corporation (or old for the hardcore fans) is (re)introduced (for the final mission) called "Omni Corp".

WARNING: The following table contains major spoilers for the final release version and is also subject to change.
Do not expand if you want/like to be surprised!

Name Effect Description
Neural Implants Some Enemies are immune to KO. Enemies are immune to any KO damage.
Electrical Interference Some Enemies slow nearby Item Cooldowns. Adds 3 turns to the item cooldowns of any agent within 7 tiles.
Utrasonic Echolocation Some Enemies can see trhough cover. Enemies can see Agents hiding behind cover.
Sprint Pads Some Enemies have extra AP. Enemies have 6 extra AP.
Peripheral Expansion Some Enemies have 360 degree vision. Enemies view with 360 degree radius.
Peripheral Inprovement Some Enemies have 180 defree vision. Enemies view with 180 degree radius.
Mainframe Attunement Some Enemies have more AP. Has more AP when firewall strength is higher.
Overtuned Reflexes Some Enemies will shoot on sight. Shoots agents immediately when seeing movement, skipping overwatch.
Recon Protocol Some Enemies have longer patrol routes. Enemies will patrol longer distances.
Ultraviolat Spectrometer Some Enemies can see through Cloak. some Enemies can spot Cloaked Agents.
Long Range Sensors Some Enemies sporadically detect Agents. Enemies periodically get an interest point on the closest Agent.
Enhanced Armor Some Enemies have additional Armor. Enemies will have 1 extra Armor.
Regenerative Nanocells Some Enemies can not be killed. Enemies will be KO'ed for 1 turn instead of being killed.
Improved Heart Monitor Some Enemies have upgraded Heart Monitors. Killed Enemies add +4 to Alarm Level. Cannot be disabled.
Consciousness Monitor Some Enemies have Neural Monitors. KO'ed enemies add +2 to Alarm Level.